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Swiss Breakfast | Breakfast in the world

If you want a nutrient and healthy meal, Swiss breakfast is the right choice. It is made both of savoury and sweet ingredients.

Swiss breakfast is nutrient and healthy, made of savoury and sweet ingredients. Like the cuisine, it is influenced by the traditions of several countries.

Swiss breakfast has many aspects and can be both savoury and sweet, both light and rich. Standard breakfast is made of bread spread with butter or margarine, topped with marmalade or honey. Several kinds of bread are used for breakfast: during the week, the favourite one is bürli, small breads made of flour and water; on Sunday, the favourite bread is zopf, a richer bread with butter and yolk.

Savoury Swiss breakfast is usually made of omelette, soft-boiled, or fried eggs with bacon and veggies. A more traditional alternative is ham and cheese pie, or a kind of pancake called rösti; it is made of potatoes, onions, cheese, and ham. Rösti was farmers’ breakfast in 19th century, but today is often eaten for lunch or dinner. It is common in German Switzerland.

Sweet breakfast is healthy and light. Oatmeal is quite popular and is rich on fibres and carbohydrates. It is a pudding made of oat, yogurt, almond milk, dried and fresh fruits, usually apricots and apples. Often it is topped with cinnamon and honey, but there are several recipe for all tastes. It is low on fats and for this reason it is good for who is on diet regimes.

There are 26 cantons in Switzerland and three main languages (German, Italian, and French) and influences from other countries are many, even on cuisine. This explains why Swiss breakfast has so many shades: Swiss cuisine combines influences from Germany, France and Italy. Contrary to the more elaborated French cuisine, the Swiss one is quite plain and made mainly by simple ingredients as potatoes and cheese. Swiss cheese is famous all around the world and it is the main ingredient of many recipes (fondue is an example). Tarts and quiches are popular and have several kinds of topping, while in the Italian area pizzoccheri, pasta and pizza are common dishes.

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