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How to become a hotel receptionist | Working in hotels

What skills you need to become a hotel receptionist beyond languages

What are the skills you need to become a hotel receptionist? Languages are important, obviously, but there are other requirements.

The best way to see the world passing in front of you is to become a hotel receptionist. A hotel reception meets guests from the entire world, speaks with them and makes them feel home. It is a difficult job, where you never know who you will meet and that requires particular skills, but it is worth.

Mastering languages is the first and the most obvious step, if you want to become a hotel receptionist. English is the international language, but it is not enough. Many foreign guests cannot speak English properly, so you have to use their language. Furthermore, for a guest it is always a pleasure to use thir own language and not to be forced to speak another one.

Hotel receptionists have also to deal with room bookings and cancellations. Any guest’s request passes through their hands, which requires organization skills. Any mistake turns into an unhappy guest, and this into a problem for the hotel and means probable bad rumours. For this reason, a good receptionist has to be organized, methodical, and able to deal with several matters at the same time without making confusion. If you want to become a hotel reception, prepare yourself to be multitasking.

In a hotel there are some flat moments, especially off-season. On the other hand, high season can be hellish: guests and problems multiply and you have to think quickly, find solutions instantly without losing control. You have to keep calm even under pressure; therefore being able to stay cool is a fundamental skill.

Stay cool is not always so easy. Sometimes you deal with rightly angry people: you have to calm them down and to work to solve their problems. Usually receptionist’s good manners and attention reassure guests: if you look upset or tired, they will think you do not know what to do and will get angrier. If you are well mannered, guests will be happy and will thank you.

It would be great if any guest was polite and patient, but things are different. A receptionist meet lots of people: some people are objectively impolite, tackle the person is front of them and except their requests are solved immediately. Customers are not always right, but you have to be patient and to be well mannered with everyone. Depending on the guest, you need to have a different approach, firm but always polite. You are not dealing with your neighbours: they are customers and you are the face of the hotel.

If you do not want to work at weekends, on public holidays, or at unsocial time, maybe you do not want to become a hotel receptionist. Hospitality has no schedule: a hotel is always open and always needs receptionists. You have to work when others are on holiday, but you can be free when others are working. This means less expensive and less crowded holidays.

Working as hotel receptionist requires many skills and privations, but it is the right choice if you love meeting people. You talk with customers from the entire world, see different cultures passing in front of you, and see different kinds of human behaviours. Every customer has their story and, only for a moment, you are part of it and with your smile, you can make their day a better day.

30 luglio 2015

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